Car servicing regularly

Over time the engine oil loses its integrity and should be replaced every six months, Servicing your car regularly helps extend the engine life
An inspection is carried out at every service which helps in detection, replacing the faulty component and prevention of further damage. BRS Auto’s mobile mechanic can visit your place of work or home to carry out the service.
  • Brakes must be checked and replaced if necessary, handbrake adjusted if required, preventing an accident 
  • Oil leaks, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and others can cause major damage to the vehicle
  • Suspension and steering should be checked for any damage
  • Lights should be checked and adjusted and replace any blown globes which is required by law and for your own safety and fellow road users
  • The tyre should be checked for wear and tear, pressures adjusted according to the manufacture’s guidelines
  • Any worn or loose engine belts should be replaced as soon as possible
  • Doors, bonnet catch, and other moving parts should be lubricated, preventing smooth operation and rust build-up
  • Regular logbook service ensures a well-maintained car and ensures a good resale value of your car
  • The battery should be inspected, terminals checked for corrosion and tighten terminals if required and spray contacts
       Keeps the car from engine failure
       Avoid breakdowns
       Avoid unexpected war and tear
       The vehicle is more fuel-efficient
       Saves you money

Servicing your car regularly

Total Time: 2 minutes

Advantages of servicing your car

Servicing your car regularly

Replacing engine oil

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