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5 Effective Ways to Charge Your Car Battery

An average car battery works for about 3 to 4 years or more depending on various conditions. We are so used to the car starting as soon as we turn on the ignition, that at times if it does not obey us, we get frustrated and worried. If you face a problem like this, check your car battery. Corrosion is the main problem for batteries and can make them discharge (go flat) before their time.

In order to get life into your car battery again, follow the instructions in the following points and your battery will start working again.

1 Getting started:

 Tools required would typically be a 10mm spanner and emery cloth or sandpaper. Other than tools you will require, goggles and gloves. It is important to wear all these before you start your work near the car battery. And the most important device you require is an auto battery charger. If you do not have it, you can borrow it from a friend or even a car repair shop will lend it to you for some time.

2 To begin with, start cleaning all possible connections you see coming from the battery to the car. Use the emery cloth or sandpaper and remove all white powder and crystals (corrosion) from the terminals and cables. Corrosion is one of the reasons for your energy box to get discharged.

3 Once you have cleaned the connections, charge your discharged vehicle battery with the help of the car battery charger. It is very simple to connect the charger to your car’s energy box. The colour coding and the signs on the car battery terminals will be able to tell you the difference between the negative and the positive terminals. In most car batteries, the red terminal indicates the positive with the sign (+) and the black terminal indicates the negative with the sign (-) on the car battery.

4 Once you have connected, check again to ensure it is done correctly. Now, you can turn on your battery charger. If you follow the gauge on the car battery charger you will be able to understand how long you need to keep it connected to the car battery. Once, it is complete you can disconnect the car battery charger and turn on your car ignition. Your car will work just fine like it did before. Usually takes a few hours to recharge.

5 If you still face a problem, try to repeat the process again and check if it works. If it does not then take your car to a mechanic and most likely it is time to get your car a new battery.