5 Tips when selling your car

5 Tips when selling your car:

It can be tough to see a car that’s old and has too many kilometers on the clock. Be realistic with the price when trying to sell your car, if you have a price in mind, ask yourself, would I buy this car for that price? If the car is fairly old, don’t expect to make a profit. Keep in mind your potential buyer will bargain on the price you have on offer. Below are 5 Tips when selling your car.

1.Visit a mechanic: 

The very first thing to do after deciding on selling the car is indeed visiting a mechanic. Get your local mechanic to have a look at your car and let him know of your plans for selling the car. The car should be road-worthy. This will cost you a little, but you will know for certain your car is in good mechanical condition. Any mechanic, who is honest, will not try to sell you a service that is not required. Make sure you get a report from him.

2. Set a price:

 As discussed earlier, your price should be reasonable. Be realistic and fair while deciding a price. You can include your inspection expenses in the price but don’t be adamant while dealing with the customers. A little bargain can also get you a fair deal. Show the customer your mechanics report.

3. Get your paperwork done: 

Find all the documents of the car right from the purchase including even your servicing receipts. It is required for the customer to realize that you kept the vehicle in good condition throughout the use. Include the receipts from the mechanic, tires, and battery receipt. A customer is definitely going to check these.

4. Meet with the car: 

Meet the customer at a place agreed by both with the car. Be confidant take someone with you if you need to, let them inspect the vehicle; they might want to get the car checked by their own mechanic. Go on a test drive; turn off the radio, this way they can listen to any rattles, etc.

5. The deal: 

So, the customer has liked your car and is willing to purchase it. That’s great news. Fill out all necessary documents and you have just sold your car.

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