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Our Services

Minor Service

A minor service, this is usually done every six months or every 7000 kilometres:

Major Service

A major service is carried out every year or 15,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

Log Book Service

A logbook service is a service recommended by your vehicle manufacturer

Vehicle Inspection

Pre - Purchase Vehicle inspection

Thinking of buying a used car? It is highly recommended you have the vehicle checked before you purchase it.

When is it required?

A vehicle inspection is recommended either before or after a planned long journey. A vehicle inspection will give you peace of mind. Some of the key elements of a vehicle

BRS Autos Services

Service History

A fully comprehensive check will be carried out on the vehicle, check for water damage, Service history, fully body check for rust, water damage and any electrical faults.


Andrea - I have had issues with my Saab, I was not happy with my usual mechanic as he was charging me a lot of money and not getting my car fixed which was vibrating when driving. I contacted BRS Autos, Brian came over and inspected the car and told me exactly what was wrong with it, he replaced the part and now it works really well.

Thank you, Brian.

Kanjur - My car broke down, could not get it started. I called BRS Autos, Brian was there at the time he said he would. Brian tested the battery which was still in good condition. He charged the battery and was running well. Thank you Brian,we will definitely use BRS Autos again and recommend my friends and family to his business. Thank you Brian.

Chris Menezies - I have known Brian for the last 2 years or so. He has serviced my old 18-year-old Toyota Camry and completed several repairs which many service Garages / Mechanics would not touch. As an example, I had a new Central locking system installed a few months ago – which didn’t work after a couple of days. I called Brian and he came around and fixed it within a couple of hours … and whilst repairing it, he found some bad connections in the wiring – hence my brake lights did not work. Instead of telling me to go to an auto-electrician, he did a temporary fix there and then, and a few days later, came fixed it quickly and permanently. Additionally, he came to service my car a few days ago as I had an oil leak and found that if he repaired it completely, due to the age of the vehicle, it may “trigger” problems with other old and weak parts in the car. He repaired what we considered necessary - as the car will be replaced within a few months. IT SAVED ME QUITE A LOT OF MONEY! Brian is honest and reliable – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Jenny Kerr - Brian services my car on a regular basis, very happy with him and his company BRS Autos, I am sure his business will do well. Honest man. Thank you.