How to eliminate odors in your car

How to eliminate odors in your car

A lot of us face the problem of bad odor inside the car. Actually, extra odor inside the car is the reason to perform a complete inspection and find the reason. There is no universal solution to the problem. First, you need to find the source of it.
Let’s see how to eliminate odors in your car.
The Source of the smell is bacteria, which can grow up in dirty places.
The most affordable way to eliminate it – is to spray deodorants. Deodorants cannot destroy the odor – they just mask it for several days.
Let us say the petrol smell means that most likely drainage line of petrol tank required cleaning. If you have engine oil odor then you need to have your engine gaskets and seals checked. Most dangerous is the smell of burning, the wiring should be checked immediately.

Other main sources are:

– Air conditioner vents,
– Drinks/food on the seats,
– Shoe traces on the car floor carpet,
– Old water can be the reason for odor inside the car, under the seats or floor gaps,
– Plastic parts of the car interior can have a bad smell, and they require specific polishing substances,
– Cigarette/tobacco smell is most common; it can linger within the  fabric and under the roof upholstery and ashtray of course; most of the smoking drivers do not feel the smell inside his car,
– Fish, onion, egg, and pet urine – those 4 will produce the worst ever odor if forgotten in the car
  Old simple methods, which are actually very useful to remove:
– Dry smell – mix baking soda in water, and then spray inside the car for 3-4 hours,
– Wet smell – coffee beans inside the fabric bag; keep them inside at least 3 days
– Tobacco smell – keep the plate with a paper towel inside the car and feel the plate with vinegar; remove the plate after 4-5 hours, or vanilla extract – just apply several drops on the seats

Most regular methods to keep car interior fresh are:

– Regular general cleaning with a vacuum cleaner,
– Scrub the car interior to release the dirt,
– Do not forget food and drinks inside,
– Regularly replace the cabin filter,
– Allow more fresh air inside the car,
– Wipe the car dashboard,
– Steam clean interior.

Usually, you feel comfortable with your body smell but in fact, it is changing every day and your car interior accumulates all those odors.

One’s body odor depends on main 3 reasons:
– How often you use the shower,
– Your physical activity,
– Your food and drink you consume
Many food ingredients from fast food restaurants can specify your body smell. 
Regular cleaning is necessary for your vehicle.